Another day nearly over, and this is what’s been going on today:
I managed to break my mobile phone at work today. Well, it still works, but I don’t trust it anymore, so I have to get a new one. The operator I use managed to move things a bit for me, so I can buy a new phone tomorrow. Hopefully I find the phone my heart is set on!

The garage have put in a new window in my car, and as M and I was to get together for a cup of tea or something today, I asked her if she could help me move my car to a friends house, as this friends husband is going to fix the rest of my car. And kind as M is, she helped me with this, so things are moving forward. But I have to say that it was strange driving my own car today, after driving my mothers for several weeks.
In addition to this, the garage cut my bill in half since my car was parked at their parking lot when the shooting happened. I didn’t expect that at all, a very pleasant surprise!

I can’t say that my energy is getting any better, but since most of it is used in trying to get in touch with a doctor that can help me, I really can’t expect anything else. I just have to hope that things settle down and I get the time to breathe.