Had a wonderful day yesterday! A and S came just after 4 pm, luckily I had finished all the preparations in time. S was the chef for the evening, and she did an excellent job, the food couldn’t have been better! Just as we sat down to eat, C came. Offered her something to eat as well, but she rejected and ended up eating bits and pieces anyway 🙂 All of us ate far too much as usual…
We discovered that this was our fifth annual barbecue, and without knowing that this was kind of a club, C was welcomed into it, with a promise that she’d bring scampi next year. Can’t wait!
The rest of the evening was spent eating chocolate and potato chips and drinking tea while chatting, gossiping and discussing. The girls helped me make a few decisions about my outfit for the wedding in November, where I’ll be the best “man” for a boyfriend of mine. Shoes, skirt and corset is in my closet, and I just need some kind of jacket, bolero or scarf since it will be cold, and I don’t want to show too much skin at church.
But back to yesterday… C went home just before 11 pm. As A, S and I was about to call it a night, a car stopped at the top of my drive and just stood there for what seemed like a long time. A man came out, threw something in my dustbin, turned the car around and went back the same way as he came. He then stoppet at the next house, and I could see someone going out of the car and up to the house, and another person got into the car. A and S got in S’s car to see if they could see anything suspicious going on, but all the lights were on, and I don’t think a burglar would do that. So we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t anything scary going on, but the driver was probably a bugbear anyway 😉
After locking both doors, I went to bed and turned out the lights just before 1 am, and I had a really good nights sleep, didn’t hear anyone knocking at doors or windows 🙂