I won the flat screen!!! The radio called me up today just before todays contestant was going on air, and they told me that if she beat me, they wouldn’t talk to me, but if she didn’t beat me, I would go on air. So I was shaking, smoking and listening to her, but she couldn’t name a single one of the artists (I could only name one, so it was hard), and then I suddenly was on air live, being congratulated and asked wether I wanted the flat screen or the flight ticket. Easy choice really 🙂
So now I’ve got this “problem” on where to put the screen without Arkas being able to reach it, since he almost has ruined the telly I’ve got now. But I won’t let this become a real problem, I’m just going to smile and be happy about faith smiling at me 🙂

The plans for the weekend is to cut some grass (again!), and C and I are going to the movies to see the new Harry Potter-movie tomorrow. And I’ll have the last Harry Potter-book next week I guess, that’ll be exciting!