Yesterday started with me cutting grass and picking red currants for my mum. A lot that still is unripe (is this the correct use of that word?), so I’ll check again next week.
Picked up C at about 4 pm and drove up to H’s house as I’m taking care of her outdoor flowers while she’s away. Everything looked fine, and since it’s raining all the time, I don’t have to water them. The movie (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) was great. Not any surprises, not too long and very true to the book. We then went to the pub Kongens, talked and watched people passing by, and had a pleasant evening.

Today has been extremely relaxing, haven’t done anything useful actually. I got the last Harry Potter-book yesterday, so I started reading it today. I don’t really want to put it down, but I get this terrible headace from reading in English and having to concentrate on translating as I go, so I just have to take breakes from time to time.

For some strange reason I’ve been extremely tired the last few Sundays, so I’m taking a nap every Sunday afternoon. Really makes me feel old…

Still haven’t heard anything from the woman with the dogs from Wednesday, but saw her walking past my house with her dogs earlier today, so I guess everything is fine with them. Arkas is now on a lead everytime we go outside, don’t want to take any chances.