Well, haven’t written anything for a week, so it’s about time to catch up.
Sunday July 29: The most lazy day for ages! Didn’t do anything useful at all, just relaxed at home all day. Went to C’s in the evening, had a nice chat and a cup of tea.
Monday July 30: Work went as usual, and so did the evening.
Tuesday July 31: Went to C’s again to help with backups of her computers before she and her family went on holidays. Prepared for the next two days of almost not being home.
Wednesday August 1: Drove to H’s house after work to take care of her flowers. Then drove straight to S to have a nice dinner before she, her daughter and I went to the fortress for Allsang på grensen. We sat quite far from the stage, but had a wonderful evening together with almost 10000 people! Drove S home (E had been picked up a bit earlier by her father, she almost fell asleep the poor thing…), and then made the big mistake of deciding to take the shortest way home, where I met almost everyone else from the evening trying to make their way home. Got stuck in traffic for about 45 minutes (which never happens here in Halden usually). Mum and A had taken Arkas for a walk while they were here, mum couldn’t hold him back and he had jumped on the woman living next door. As far as my mum could figure out, nothing had happened, but these things shouldn’t happen at all! Mum hadn’t used the Halti on him, so she didn’t have the strength to hold him back. She thinks it’s so difficult to put on… Got to have a talk with my neighbour, just to hear her side of the story.
Thursday August 2: Arkas went to work with me, well he sat in the car all day while I worked. Took him out a couple of times, but it was a cloudy day luckily, so the car didn’t get that hot. Went straight to S’s after work to celebrate E’s fourth birthday. After about three hours of talking and eating barbecue and cake, I went home and stretched out on the sofa until bedtime.
Today: Planned on attending Down on the Farm, but I felt that it was more a waste of money than anything else, so I spent that money on buying picture frames for the black and white pictures that’ll go up on my bedroom walls. Need more frames though, a great gift tip for my birthday and for Christmas? 😉 Haven’t been online since Tuesday, so have done a bit of reading tonight, trying to catch up on journals, groups and home pages.
Haven’t gotten the flat screen yet, but I know from earlier that it takes some time. But I won another prize this week at the same radio station! I sent in a text message on Tuesday to their traffic central, telling about a crash between a car and a motorcycle not far from where I work and the traffic jam that came out from that. At work the next day, a girl told me that I had won, they pick out one that tells them about something from the roads of Norway. I hadn’t heard anything from them, but they called me later that day, and I won a year of free car assistance. A bit ironic really since my car hopefully will be as good as new in a few weeks time, but it’s fun anyway 🙂 Probably don’t have any luck left for ages now.
By the way: can hear them playing at Down on the Farm, and just at this moment it’s Sivert Høyem that’s playing, but I can’t actually hear him, just the bass and drums 🙂