There are probably some of you that are wondering why I blog in English instead of Norwegian. Well, I’ve got friends in Australia and one friend in England, and I know that I wouldn’t blog as much if I was to write both in Norwegian and English, so the easiest way is to blog just in English. I guess all of my Norwegian friends have no problems reading English, but let me know if there is something you don’t understand. If that happens, I probably have used a word that I found in the dictionary, and barely know the meaning of myself 😉

The things keeping me busy these days are the stag night and the speach. Obviously I can’t write much about it, but both are making me nervous.
The stag night (or is it a bachelor party? Can someone tell me the difference? We only use one word for it in Norwegian) is just in the beginning, trying to find a date where most guys can come.
The speach is getting there slowly, but I’ll probably alter it a hundred times and driving my friends crazy by reading it to them just as many times before I’m satisfied. A few months ago I “wrote” the whole speach in my head just before falling asleep, but I unfortunately couldn’t remember it the next day.

And, not to forget, I just have this week left to work, and then there’s two weeks vacation! Can’t wait really, even though I don’t have anything planned except for doing bits and pieces at home that I don’t get around to during ordinary weeks.