Visited E and her 3 month old daugter E yesterday, had a wonderful time! Haven’t seen E for several months, and have never seen her daughter, but it was a delight, she’s a smiling and happy little girl, even though she got two vaccination shots yesterday.

Met the woman next door when I came home yesterday, and I asked about when she met my mother with Arkas a couple of weeks ago. Luckily nothing had happened, and she assured me that she would have told me if something in fact had happened.

Today I’ve washed four machines of laundry, read a lot and otherwise relaxed. Before I started my vacation, I made a list of 6 things I had to do before going back to work, and I’ve done 4 of them already! Not major things, but things I never get around to do during work days. So I’m feeling pretty proud of myself 🙂