Didn’t do much yesterday really, but I took Arkas for a long walk. I have to admit that ever since I bought my house, I’ve been lazy with the walks, it’s so much easier to take a stroll around the garden and play a bit with him or do some training. Anyway…I assumed that he would be totally worn out after the walk (I was anyway), but something seemed wrong with him. He could be lying down and then get up again after 5-10 seconds. Then he tried so relax again, but got up again straight away. He kept on doing this for 4 or 5 hours, and I got a bit worried. But sometime last evening he settled down and fell asleep. I thought about it today, and I guess that he might have strained one or several muscles, and because of that wasn’t comfortable with lying still. Have made a mental note of massaging him the next time we’ve walked far.

Today I’m completely exhausted myself. C is coming over tomorrow, which is her first time here. And I’ve been lazy with the cleaning lately, so I’ve really done a lot today. Dusted almost everything on the first floor, vacuumed the entire first floor and the basement and cleaned the toilet and the bath room. The only thing I need to do tomorrow before she arrives, is to vacuum upstairs and take a long and relaxing shower 🙂
But I got a wonderful brake when C and her daughter A dropped by on their way home from the store with ice cream for all of us. A nice little chat on the porch steps.
And yes, I’m talking about two different C’s 🙂

Oh…I almost forgot! On Thursday night I ordered a cross stitch kit on Ebay! It’s this Christmas Tree Skirt with cats and dogs on it, I’ve wanted it for ages, but when it costs nearly NOK 700,-, I just couldn’t afford it. But on Ebay I got it for NOK 280,-, and there might be some custome duty and VAT added, but it’s still a lot cheaper. Can’t wait!!! 🙂