C came over for a few hours yesterday. Nice to catch up, been ages since we spent some time together. The rest of the evening was spent in front of the computer or reading and solving kakuro.

When I went to bed yesterday, I decided that today would be the day for Arkas’ bath. It was long overdue, but I hate doing it by myself, since hanging over a bath tub really isn’t good for my back. But I kept my promise to myself and started with grooming him in hope of getting rid of as much fur as possible. Then we spent an hour in the bath room… He doesn’t like getting baths, but he accepts it, and once in a while he actually feels safe enough to give me a kiss 🙂 After drying him up as much as possible, I put him out on the porch to dry some more while I had breakfast. Then it was time for some more grooming, he sheds so incredible much fur when wet! Here’s a picture taken after the second grooming:
Blog ImageBut now he’s the most beautiful fluffy little boy in the world, and the bath experience obviously wore him out, he’s sleeping like a puppy next to me 🙂

I have a dream! Well…I’ve got several dreams actually, but right now, with a back that’s killing me, I wish I had enough money to renovate my house, especially the bath room, so it would be easier to give Arkas his baths. Maybe the lottery will see my way tomorrow (Extra)? The perfect bath room for giving a dog a bath (I think) would be a huge bath tub where both the dog and I could stand in the tub and the dog would stand on something. That way the whole room wouldn’t get wet (I get wet no matter what I do), and I wouldn’t have to bend my back or sit on my knees. But that wouldn’t be possible in this house, the bath room is too small! *lol*