On Tuesday I decided to check out the sale on Bohus (a furniture and decorating shop), since the store we’ve got here in Halden is closing down. C told me about the sale on Monday, and that there wasn’t much left in the shop, but I gave it a try anyway. Found 6 candles for the tray on my living room table, one picture frame like the ones I’ve bought earlier, two packs of light bulbs for the celing lamp in the kitchen and 6 hanging candle holders for tealights. I’ll use them out on the porch in the summer and inside during winter, but I need to get longer chains for them first.
After shopping I went to H, haven’t spoken to her for about 6 weeks since she’s been on vacation. The date for her heart surgery is set to October 1, so it’ll be the first time she won’t come to my birthdayparty since I got to know her. That’ll be strange… She’s not anxious for the operation yet, but I know I am. It’s probably routine surgery for the doctors, but not for H or the ones around her. But we’ll hope for the best, and that the surgery lets her stop taking some of her medication. She’s gonna try healing in hope that her speach might improve, but she really doesn’t believe in that sort of thing. But better to try than not try! Her daughter E has really grown these last weeks, now she’s sitting by herself (hardly falls backwords), she can clap her hands and she can show how big she is (stretch her arms up). Wonderful little girl 🙂

Yesterday I cut the grass on the smaller part of the lawn, and by doing that I finished all 6 tasks I had set on doing during my vacation. Proud of myself! I might do the rest of the lawn as well, just don’t feel like it today 🙂
I got the cross stitch kit yesterday! I couldn’t believe it when I opened my mail box, just 6 days shipping from the US to Norway! Started stitching yesterday of course, and borrowed C’s sewing machine to prevent the edges from fraying.

So far today, I’ve worked on my cross stitch, read, solved kakuro and spent some time on the computer. Guess the rest of the day will follow that pattern 😉