Well, this is the last day of my vacation for this year. I’ve had two great weeks, doing mostly what I wanted to do, and a few things I had to do. But I can’t complaint at all.

I guess the things I’ll remember best from this vacation is visiting E and her daughter E, giving Arkas a bath and the goshawk.

My next vacation will be in the middle of November, when I’m off to Haugesund (on the west coast of Norway) for the wedding. I’ll drive over on Thursday (takes about 10 hours), try to relax on Friday, then the wedding is Saturday. Sunday will be spent mostly on someones sofa I guess, and Monday I’ll be driving home. So I can’t call it a vacation, besides the fact that I won’t be at work.

Tomorrow it’s back to work again, can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but if I want to be able to pay my bills and buy food, I have no choice. I’m one of those people that happily wouldn’t work if I could afford it.