First week at work after vacation is over, and I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed it. Can’t even remember that I’ve had a vacation really…

Woke up to only 2 degrees C on Tuesday! Couldn’t believe how cold it was, and that was in August! So on Friday I had to start heating the house with the fire place, still in August! Can’t remember last time that happened. I thought we’d have warmer weather due to global warming, but this summer has proved that wrong, with a rainy and cold summer and fall coming much too soon.

Startet cutting grass yesterday, but it started raining, so I had to quit. Ended up vacuuming the first floor instead. But if it doesn’t start to rain later today, I have to continue dealing with the grass.

The cross stitch is getting on quite nicely. Lots of details, so it takes some time, but I know it’ll be wonderful when finished. Won’t be finished this Christmas, but then I’ve got something to look forward to next year.

Tried calling the radio station on Friday to find out when my flat screen will arrive, but there was a possible fire at their head quarters, so I said I’d call back next week. But when I got home, I’d gotten a letter from them saying that it hopefully will arrive next week. Fingers crossed for that!

C came over for a little while on Friday, she needed gourmet salt which I had. Had a nice chat.

Updated at 17:00:00:
It didn’t start raining today, but I didn’t cut the grass either 😉

Updated at 20:25:00:
It’s obvious that I have to wait writing my blog just before bed time, because I always remember more things that I should write…

Had a nice web cam chat with SV and B earlier this afternoon, but my computer gets slow when using web cam, I don’t know if it’s actually the computer or the internet connection, but I have to remember not to do anything else while using it.

I’m getting visitors from Australia next year! I’ve known it for a few weeks now, but I’ve forgotten to write about it. T and M have been traveling in Europe a few weeks a year for the last few years, and next year they’ll visit Northern Europe including Norway. It’ll be great fun meeting them for a few hours, and I’ll try to show them the best of Halden.

S-E surprisingly knocked on my door this evening. He got his driving licence for motor bikes just a few days ago and is trying to drive as much as possible before winter sets in. He stayed for about 30 minutes and got some heat back before he drove back home.