On Thursday afternoon, I was watching Brothers & Sisters that I had taped the night before, when suddenly Arkas started barking and I heard someone opening my front door. I ran after him trying to get him to stop (absolutely not successful), and when I raised my head, I saw H standing in the doorway! Arkas was flying high in joy over seeing her again, and I was in shock! But a pleasant shock it was 🙂 She had gotten her new car the day before, a Volkswagen Touran (in English: Volkswagen Touran), and now she’s able to go places on her own, and not having to depend on her husband, her parents or her friends. I’m so happy for her! This was her first time at my place after the stroke, and it made things feel a bit more normal again. Lovely feeling!
H’s mother sent in an application for a contest in the weekly magazine Hjemmet a few months back, where you had to have a special story to tell, and the winners would get a trip with Hurtigruta (in English: Hurtigruta) from Trondheim (in English: Trondheim) to Tromsø (in English: Tromsø). H and her husband didn’t know that her mother had sent an application, but they won. They left for Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen (in English: Oslo Airport Gardermoen) this morning, flew to Trondheim and then Hurtigruta will take them to Tromsø during the next two days. One of the reasons H came over on Thursday, was that she wanted me to help her dye her hair before the trip. I helped her a few months back, not with a very great result, so I’m impressed that she asked me again. Think it went a bit better this time, not easy to see just an hour after finishing.
H has gained motion in her right hands thumb, and that’s great progress! It’s just the outermost joint, but added together with all the other progress she’s done the last 9 months, it’s wonderful. I’m sure that the rest of the thumb and the other fingers will follow soon.

Three months and one day after my car didn’t start, I got it back on Friday. It was strange driving it again, but it felt good as well, like “it’s mine, not a car I’m borrowing”. Everything seems fine with it, the brakes haven’t been this good since I bought the car. But there is a squeeky noice when I start the engine, might be the fan belt. And the outside mirror on the drivers side is somewhat broken.

Had an extremely lazy weekend, just watching telly, spending time online and working on the cross stitch.

S came over yesterday evening, we hadn’t talked for quite some time now. But with two huge tea cups and lots of candles burning, everything was ready for a few nice hours with filling eachother in on what’s going on. The terrible weather (strong wind and rain pouring down) made it even more cozy really.

Saw a fox when driving to work this morning, thankfully it looked healty.