After 9 weeks, I finally got my telly today, the telly I won on a radio contest (see the entry called Yippie from July 20). The disappointment is because of the size…it’s only 19″. The old fashion telly I’ve got is 26″, so there is no way that I’m getting rid of that for a 19″, even though it is a flat screen. So I’ve been checking out what that kind of telly costs, and I’m going to sell it. There is lots and lots of things I can use with that kind of money…bills have to be paid, there’s a wedding coming up, Christmas presents to be bought…or I can just save them for something for myself. But I have to sell it first, just let me know if you’re interested, it’s a Grundig Lenaro and I want NOK 3.900,- for it 🙂