Yes, I still hate mice. My mothers boyfriend (A) has taken one in a trap in the basement, but one is not enough. He has also put out poison in the basement, and when I came home from work Thursday, a mouse was lying in the middle of my kitchen floor, dying. The poison makes the mice die of thirst, and now I hate myself for making them die such a terrible death. I had to ask the neighbour to get rid of it for me, which he thankfully did.
My car is slowly turning into pieces, it’s obvious that the mice is having a wonderful time. So tomorrow my mum and A are coming to me after work, we’ll have to empty the car and clean it, hopefully that will help.

Yesterday evening was spent in Oslo with mum and A. Originally I bought them tickets for a Bobby Bare concert, but it was cancelled. So we got tickets for a Lord of the Dance show instead, and they bought the ticket for me as a birthday present. I’ve seen Riverdance twice earlier, and I just love them. Lord of the Dance is just as great, but a bit more fancy in a way. I hoped to see more Irish costumes, and not that much other types of dance mixed into the show.

Went to see H yesterday before I went to Oslo. She’s going to Oslo for the heart surgery tomorrow. Great seeing her again, and her daughter E. I’m crossing my fingers and everything else tomorrow, hoping that everything turnes out fine.