Just a quick word this time.

H’s surgery was scheduled for Monday 1, but the doctors wasn’t happy with her INR, so they moved it to Tuesday 2. Spent all of yesterday being worried, wondering how the surgery went, but got a text message from M (H’s husband) in the afternoon, saying that they had moved the surgery to today, due to the INR again. I was just as worried today, but finally got a text message from M this afternoon, saying that the H was fine, and that he was going in to see her. I’m so relieved! Can’t wait to see her again, but she’ll probably spend a few days in the hospital before she comes home.

Mum and A was here on Monday and helped me to clean the car, hopefully with no mice as the result. But we were wrong, the mice came back sometime last night or this morning 🙁

Noticed a worrying sound from the car when I drove home this afternoon. If something more goes wrong with this car, I’m gonna go nuts! I just can’t see where to find the money for fixing it this time, and knowing my luck, it’s not something cheap.

I’m expecting guests tomorrow, so yesterday and today is being spent cleaning and vaccuming. My back hurts, but I don’t have the time to deal with that…

Seems like I’m finished with planning the bachelor party, gonna send out emails and text messages to the participants this weekend to inform them of what’ll happen and the costs.