My birthday on Thursday was filled with lots of people wishing me Happy birthday by text message, video message and by calling me. Really wonderful to know that so many people thinks of me 🙂
Quite early in the morning I got a text message from H’s husband M, and I used the opportunity to check how H was doing after the surgery the day before. He told me that she had gone into surgery again, because she got a bleeding in an artery when they took out the drain tubes from her chest (hope you understand what I mean). I asked him to let me know when she was out from surgery and awake again, and I waited and waited, but didn’t hear anything.
Drove home after work and did the last preparations before the guest was arriving. Didn’t expect a lot of people this year due to different things. My mum and A came first. I didn’t think I’d get more presents from them, since I got the ticket for Lord of the Dance last Saturday, but I got two laundry baskets and money. They’re too kind!
Then, to my surprise, SE and his daugther E came. Didn’t think they’d come, since S was at a meeting at work, but it was very nice. E kept me busy for an hour with games and helping her make a tent with chairs and blankets 🙂 From them I got chains for the hanging candle holders for tealights I bought in August and a gift sertificate at a book store, there are a couple of books coming later this year that I want.
Just as they came, I got another picture message on my phone, opened it, and it was M sending me a picture of H lying in the hospital bed waving at me. Something inside me bursted and I just started crying in reliefe that she was fine and awake. I’d been so tense the whole week, worrying about her and the surgery, so I just couldn’t help myself.
C came a bit later, she had also been at the meeting at work together with S. I got my present (both birthday and Christmas present) from her in May, it was a ticket to see Josh Groban in Oslo, so I hadn’t expected anything from her. But she came with a large wooden board with the name of my house carved out. Her husband R had made it, and it’s just lovely.
We all had a wonderful evening with my mothers delicious chocolate cake and tea and lots of talking. Got to bed way too late, and spent the whole of Friday with a head ace, but it was worth it 🙂

Haven’t done much this weekend really. Did some laundry today, have read alot. Asked M yesterday how H was, and if the doctors was pleased with the surgery. She’s just fine, they had been moved to the hospital in Fredrikstad and her heart is now completely as it should be. He thought they’d soon be home again, can’t wait to see her.

As far as I can figure out, I’m finished with planning the bachelor party. Sent out the last emails and text messages yesterday, and just have a little shopping left and one phone call to do. So now I have to concentrate on the speach for the wedding.

I’ve bought the first Christmas present! I’m good at starting early, but not this early. But I have to divide the costs, so I hope I’ll find more great gifts before December sets in.