Lately it seemes like the weeks only has Sundays and Mondays. Sundays are being spent wondering where the weekend went, Mondays are being spent in frustration since Friday is so far away. Okay, so the week consists of Mondays, Fridays and Sundays 🙂

Went to the vet with Arkas on Tuesday, wanted them to take a look at his eyes. He’s got cataract (grå stær in Norwegian) on both eyes, something that’s normal when dogs get old. It is possible to operate this, even after he becomes blind, so I’ve decided to wait and see how it developes. He doesn’t have any problems with poorer sight yet, but if he loses his sight fast and otherwise is in good health, I’ll probably get the operation.
I know he’s getting older, I can see that his fur is getting grey, I can see that he gets tired faster when playing or taking a long walk, but this was hard nevertheless.

H came home from hospital on Wednesday. According to her husband, she was in great shape, so I went to see her yesterday. She gets tired more easily now, and generally has to take it easy due to the stitches, but she really is in good shape considering what she’s been through. And the operation was a success, so she can stop some of her medication when she’s fully recovered after this surgery.

Today has been a really bad day when it comes to mice. The first one ran behind the fridge when I got up this morning, the second one ran around on my kitchen bench, and the third sat on the stove. Makes me want to move far away and not return until every crack in the entire house is gone. There is a open space between the stove and the wall that I got rid of by putting up a couple of small boards. Doesn’t look nice at all, but I don’t care anymore, I just want a kitchen where it’s safe to make food.

Haven’t worked on my cross stitch for a couple of weeks now, just can’t be bothered with it. So now I know for sure that it won’t be finished this Christmas.