23 mice this week and counting! Mum and A has been here several times this week to empty the traps and to try to close the cracks the mice get through in my kitchen. Some places have been more difficult than others, but they’re getting there. They’ll be back on Monday to continue with a small room in the basement.
So far this autumn we’ve taken 25 mice in traps and 1 that died due to the poison we put out. Heard about a house on a hill not far from me where they had gotten 30 mice in traps within a week. A wants to beat that record, I hope that there won’t be that many mice in my house!

Want to share a music video with you again. This song was performed by a guy on Norwegian Idol, and after a bit of a search, I found out who has it originally, and I just love it. Makes me smile, love the rythm, and the challenge of learing the lyrics. Enjoy!
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours