October 25
Did the
rest of the packing, double checking that I didn’t forget anything. Put out
Arkas’ things on the kitchen table so mum just could take it when they picked
up Arkas.

October 26
Left for
Oslo Airport Gardermoen just after work at 3:10 pm. The departure wasn’t
scheduled until 7:50 pm, so there was lots of time. I had reserved a parking
space just outside the airport, so that the parking costs wouldn’t be too high.
Found the parking lot eventually (after driving through the actual airport
terminal), and just had to wait about 15 minutes until the bus came and drove
me to the airport (included in the parking fee).

Checked in
my bag to get rid of that and sat down to eat a salad I bought on the way. I
had lots of time on my hands, but as you all know, I like to be anywhere early
instead of rushing and being late. Had another smoke before going to the
security gate which went suprisingly fast, besides the fact that almost every
woman (including myself) had to take our shoes off.

Found the
right gate and sat down to read while. Then I discovered that the flight had
gotten a new departure time, 9:10 pm. Arrrgh!! Started walking up and down
window shopping, bought a bottle of water and sat down again to continue
reading. People were coming and going around me, and I suddenly realized that
the guys from Turboneger sat just across from me. Funny listening to them
talking when you’re used to listening to them almost screaming. Not that I
listen too them a lot, in fact I don’t like their music much. But hey, they’re
celebrities 😉

Got up to
check the board again and they had changed gate for the flight, so I went to
the new one. Stood there for a while, saw that the Turboneger-guys came after,
so they obviously were going to Haugesund too. SV called me, and just as I was
talking to him, I saw that yet another departure time was on the board, this
time 9:25 pm. No more delays this time, we took off and SV waited for me at
Haugesund airport.

Drove to
his place and talked for a while before going to sleep. B went to bed before we
came home, she wasn’t feeling too well.

October 27
Didn’t get
much sleep because of some sheep making noise outside the window. Sounded like
they were right beside my bed 😉

Got up and
had a nice breakfast together with SV, B and B’s two children, P and H. After
SV had a shower, I dressed him up in army boots, grey/brownish socks, purple
pants, an orange sweater, a pink blouse and a pink ribbon around his head with
a veil attached (actually a curtain). He didn’t seem too pleased with this, but
it’s not his job to be pleased at his bachelor party!

Drove to
the bus station we all had agreed to meet at, and E and K showed up. Expected a
few others, but after calling them, they said they would catch up with us later
on. While I was on the phone outside of the car (SV was still in the drivers
seat), a police car stopped and started talking to SV. They were apparently
looking for a car that to them looked like SV’s car, so they had to check. They
did ask what SV was up to, since he was dressed the way he was 🙂

The weather
was not on our side this day, so instead of walking up and down the shopping
street getting wet, we decided to go to a shopping centre called Markedet. E
broke his glasses almost immediately, so he took SV’s car home to get a new
pair. SV got NOK 200,- and a note book from me with the following task: invest
your money wisely to earn as much as possible by selling things. At the same
time I gave him a pink stuffed dog called Fia that he was to train. He started
out with writing down a poem several times and then bought some roses. For a
while he tried to sell roses with a free poem, but he found out that people
basically wanted just the rose 🙂 For some reason he didn’t enjoy this task
much, so he decided to get his revenge at K and I by dragging us out into the
Well, he
did get rid of every rose (he gave away two), and ended up with NOK 310,50, so
he did a really good job!

Met up with
E and drove to get some lunch. Then we drove to Ravnafloke where we were to
meet another K (from here called Kr). He works at Ravnafloke and had helped me
all through the preparations for this bachelor party. We waited for a little
while to see if more people was joining us, but nobody came. We all got
harnesses on and went to the course. I’m afraid of hights, so I didn’t really
want to participate, but I took pictures. Somebody has to do that too 😉 They
startet off with a bridge with wooden boards which obviously had gaps between
them. Remember this was a rainy day, so all the wood was particualry slippery.
But they all handeled this excellent!

Then they
went to something called the monkey bridge, which is a long line of childrens
swings after oneanother, not connected to eachother. The wind made it even more
difficult, but the only one falling between two swings was E.

there was a wire fastened to the mountain on each side of the bay where they
was to slide over from one side to another (called the tyrolian traverse). Kr
tried to pursuade me to try it by telling me how safe it is and how proud I
would be of myself, but just standing on the cliff made me get that creepy
feeling inside, so I refused. But the guys had great fun getting over, besides
K I guess since his rope had twisted itself, so he didn’t get enough speed and
had to drag himself over.

is established on the grounds of an old fortress-like area, so before we did
the next thing, Kr took us for a walk, explaining how things had been there
during the second world war. Really interesting, and weird to know that people
actually had lived there for long periods of time.

The next
task was an obstacle race. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough people to divide
us into two teams, but we took it as a challenge anyway. I’m not going to
explain every obstacle, but we had great fun and we really worked as a team.
Well…I just did was I was told and tried my best of not breaking any rules so
we’d have to start over (which we just had to do a couple of times, but that
wasn’t my fault). I broke into a giggle 2 meters up in the air and had a
difficult time getting down again, but it was fun, and I think everyone enjoyed
the race too.

We were
pretty tired when this was over, so we just sat down and talked for a while,
waiting for more people to show up. Started eating a nice casserole when SM and
another E (from here called El) came, and H came just after them.

A week
before the bachelor party, I called B (SV’s wife to be) and asked her 10
questions. SV’s task was to guess what B had answered, and he had to have a
drink for every wrong answer. Great fun, but SV and B know eachother way too
good, so he didn’t get to drink much.

The next
task was the following: During the evening I got statements from all the
participants, something about themselves that’s true but something that SV
might not know about them or not remember. SV got these pieces of paper and was
to find out which belonged to whom. For every wrong guess, he had to drink.
Well, now were talking, the boy started do get a bit drunk! He found out that
most of the statements could fit E, and when there was only two pieces left, he
couldn’t find out which belonged to El and me. He guessed wrong! 😉

chatting for a while, we decided to go to some pubs. K wanted to go home and Kr
had to lock up after us, so he stayed back. So H drove E to a pub and K home
before going home and waiting for us. SV and I drove El and SM to the pub and
then drove to H to pick him up. I borrowed the bathroom for a quick change of
clothes and we talked a short while with M, H’s girlfriend. El and SM had
decided to go to another pub than we agreed, so we met them there while E was
at the pub we first agreed on. SV went to find E, but he had gone to a gas
station and called his girlfriend so she could pick him up and get him home. He
was not in a very good shape at that time, having had far too much whiskey.
The rest of
us stayed out for a couple of hours, just relaxing and chatting. SV and H had a
little something to eat before we drove H home and then we got home too. Went
straight to bed after a long but great day.

I’m a bit
disappointed by the ones saying that they’d come but didn’t, but as long as SV
had a great time, I don’t demand anything more. And he said that the things we
did at Ravnafloke was actually things he’d hoped we’d do.

October 28
Woke up
pretty early because of the sheep again and found SV sleeping on the sofa while
B’s children P and H was watching cartoons. Sat down and watched together with
them, H eventually got up in my lap to cuddle. That’s so cute! B had a terrible
headache this day, so she stayed in bed most of the time until I left.

After yet
another great breakfast, SV drove me to the airport, the flight left at 2:30
pm. The weather was terrible this day as well, so I had an uncomfortable flight
home. Picked up my bag and took the bus back to the parking lot where my car
was just where I left it. The drive home wasn’t more comfortable than the
flight, due to lots of rain and wind, but I was home just after 7 pm, where mum
and A waited for me. They had dropped off Arkas and also started heating the

The evening
ended with a quick shower and then bed.