So what have I been doing the last couple of weeks. Well, nothing much really.

Got a hair cut last Saturday, which started the preparations for the wedding next Saturday. Went to H afterwards, and we went to Toys’R’Us with her daughter E. This means that I’m finished with E’s birthday present, and I’m also finished with the Christmas presents for E, E and A. Yippie!

Got my nails done yesterday, french tip. Looks great, could get used to this and hope they look just as nice at the wedding. Got a facial today, and that wraps up the Kjersti make over for this time. Will have my hair and make up done on the wedding day.

Tomorrow C is coming over to help me with the final things when it comes to the outfit.

The speach is done, what haven’t been written in it by now aren’t worth writing. I hope…

Well, as you see, my days are filled with things about the wedding. If being a best man gives me this much to worry about, I don’t think I ever want to get married myself 😉

Have started giving Arkas an fish oil-ish type of thing every morning, hopefully that will prevent his joints from getting stiff. He actually opens his mouth when I take out the bottle, so he knows what’s coming 🙂

Have taken 44 mice now, but thankfully they’ve disappeared from the kitchen. Mum and A will stay here with Arkas while I’m gone, and they will try to close up the room in the basement where I do my laundry.
Read in the local news paper about a week ago about a man living not far from me who gets about 30 mice in traps each week in his garage. That’s really a lot! We’ve put traps in my garage now as well, hopefully that’ll save my car from being eaten more.