Today is the last day of getting ready for driving to Haugesund tomorrow. I’ve got most of the things packed, just a few bits and pieces left.
I’m leaving as early as possible tomorrow, and I guess the drive will take as much as 10 hours, possible more depending on what it’s like over the mountain. Can’t say I’m looking forward to driving that road this time of year, but I want to have a car while I’m there, so I just have to live with it.
Mum and A will stay here with Arkas while I’m gone, and they will celebrate Arkas’ 10th birthday. Breakes my heart not being able to spend it with him myself, but I’ll just have to make up for it when I get home. I’m sure he doesn’t mind 🙂
You’ll get a thorough update when I get home of both the wedding and Arkas’ birthday 🙂