It’s Sunday evening again, I hate how fast the weekends go by! As I’ve said earlier, I wish I could work two days a week and have the rest off, instead of the other way around like it is today. But I would obviously get paid for working five days, like it is now 🙂

I’ve finally sold the telly I won this summer. Got NOK 3.000,- for it, not too bad. Since my camera isn’t working properly at all times, this money will be put into buying a new one, hopefully within a couple of weeks.

I’ve bought a few more Christmas presents, but I’m behind on that. Usually by this time, I’ve finished buying almost everything except for those that don’t know what they want, but the bachelor weekend and the wedding have taken most of my time the last weeks, so I really need to put in some effort when it comes to presents now.

Work had it’s yearly Christmas party yesterday, and I went there. As we are about 500 employees totally on two sites and we usually have the Christmas party together, I have just attended one Christmas party earlier during these 7 years, it gets too crowded for my liking. But this year we were divided, which suited me nicely.
When I’m going somewhere, I like to get there about 10-15 minutes before it all starts, so I drove early yesterday. But there had been a change of weather and snow was falling down in buckets, so instead of using 25 minutes to town, I used about 40 and came running in just in time. Had a great evening with lots of good Christmas food, talking and dancing. K was the entertainment for everyone around her, even though I’m sure she hadn’t planned it that way 🙂 Dragged the B-brothers (J and M) out on the dancefloor, it’s nice to see you out there 🙂
These types of arrangements or parties tends to be a bit crowded, with people pushing you in all directions. But yesterday I discovered that some of the physical contact actually was nice, since I don’t get a lot of that during ordinary days. You know the thing: someone puts his or her arm around you when talking, someone sits close to you, stuff like that.
Climbed into bed at about 2:30 am (with only Arkas of course 😉 ).

As I’ve written in the heading of this blog, I’d be happy if you would leave comments to my entries. That way I know that more than one (hi J!) is reading 🙂

I’m in a completely sentimental mood today, and I’d like to share a new song with you. Came across this by accident a few weeks back, and I just love it. Hope you love it as well! Josh Groban – She’s out of my life. Hope the next week of work, shopping and preparing for Christmas will get me into a more cheerful mood…