Well, what have I been doing the last week? The only “happening” was on Friday really. We had decided on the team I work with that everyone should dress up or wear a Santas hat, and so we did. Had a wonderful day with cakes and talking and very little working. Drove straight to mum afterwords, since her, A, a couple they know and I was going to the Christmas concert we go to every year. The difference this year was that they didn’t have a concert in Halden, so we had to go to Fredrikstad and Glemmen church instead, so we had about 45 minutes to drive. The concert was great (as always), and I was back home at about 9 pm. Watched some telly and got online and chatted with a few people. E decided to visit me in the middle of the night, being drunk and falling asleep in the cab didn’t make it easier for him. But we talked for a while before he fell asleep on my sofa, and I drove him home yesterday.

Visited my fathers grave and put down a rose yesterday. It’s nearly 25 years since he died, so usually it don’t affect me to go to the grave, but yesterday was quite an emotional day apparently, so I stayed there for a while, crying and talking to him. It’s strange how I still miss him after all these years, but in a weird way it’s good to miss him too.
E came over last night so that we could catch up a bit and exchange presents. I miss the time when she lived in Halden, we don’t see much of eachother nowadays. But it’s nice to talk when we can.

This day started with talking to J on Skype for about two hours. J: I’m sorry that my tounge didn’t work properly today, I promise you that I’ll try better next time we talk. lol It’s always great to talk with her, and we always find topics that makes me have to look words up, which I learn a lot from. Hopefully the “new” words will stick in my head until I need them again 🙂
I finished putting out all the Christmas ornaments today, and I also moved some firewood from the shed to the porch. C came over to help me with the Christmas tree, so I finished decorating that when she had left. All I’ve got left now is cleaning up the kitchen and vacuuming the first floor before my mum comes tomorrow at about 1 pm.

From my heart, I wish you all a wonderful and peaceful Christmas celebration, wether you celebrate tomorrow or on Tuesday. May you all have your loved ones with you, either in person or in your hearts, and may you all get something you wished for.