Time to write again.

This Christmas turned out a little bit different than what I expected.
Christmas eve was nice and quiet. Mum came at 1:30 pm and made an excellent dinner: turkey, gravy, potatoes, waldorf salad and brussels sprouts. Just as wonderful as always!
On Tuesday A called me and told me that E had left her. I was shocked and talked to her for a little while without being able to give her the answers she hoped to get. Talked a bit with E on msn in the evening. I feel so sorry for them both; her for not knowing that this was happening, him for making this decision even though he thinks he’s done the right thing. It’s not easy to break up even though you want it.
Talked to E a bit on msn on Wednesday morning, where he told me that he didn’t have a place to stay until he gets a flat, and after a bit thinking, I offered him my guest room if he agreed to get to know Arkas. That wasn’t a problem for him, so I picked him up in the city. Spent the evening talking.
On Thursday I introduced E to Arkas, and after 15 minutes of playing, they were the best of buddies. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I thought the dog wasn’t the same dog I’ve been living with for almost 10 years, and he even fell asleep under the table later in the evening, something he hardly does when it’s just me and him here! Went to H for a Christmas dinner in the evening. Had a great time with lots of good food and talking, and I can’t stop smiling when around that cute little girl of hers 🙂
Friday was spent doing absolutely nothing, just talking, watching telly and movies and listening to music. I must say it’s strange to have another person in the house, but it feels nice to be able to help.
The weather has been terrible this Christmas with both heavy rain and strong wind, so Saturday was also spent inside, just getting Arkas to do his business was a struggle.
But the nice and cooler weather came on Sunday, and we took a walk around Elgåfossen (a waterfall not far from me) and took some pictures. The ground was soaking wet, but it was nice to let my body work a bit again.
E had to work on New Years Eve, so I drove him there and continued reading the last Harry Potter-book in Norwegian while waiting for him. Read the book in English when it came last summer, but I like reading them in Norwegian too. Drove E to A’s and went to pick up a cell phone SV had bought. I then went to mum’s, they returned home from Denmark on Friday and I wanted to say hello to her. Picked up E and drove home, and spent the evening eating far too much of a wonderful dinner of baked potatoes with lots of stuff on the side, watched Beverly Hills Cop (haven’t seen it since it was new hundreds and hundreds of years ago) and took care of Arkas. He is scared to death for fire works and stayed in the sofa when the sparkling and loud sounds was on its worst. I hate seing him that way, I so much want to help him and comfort him, but I know that only makes it worse. But luckily he settled down quite fast when I went to bed, and he’s having a sleepy morning today 🙂
The most laughable text message I got during New Years Eve, was from my friend M. Talked to her today, and she has no idea on what she actually wanted to say, so this is just as difficult to understand for those of you that know Norwegian as it is for those of you that doesn’t know Norwegian 🙂 The text message was like this: Ny godk är til feg myn. lol!!!
Today is the last day of vacation, I’m going back to work tomorrow and know that a lot of work is waiting for me. But after such a lazy vacation, I guess it’ll be ok to get back to work and get back to the normal way of living again.

I wish that all my loved ones gets a wonderful 2008, that all their dreams and hopes and wishes comes true and that only good things will happen to you all. Happy New Year!