to say that everything is fine with me.

Nothing much has happened the last week. Getting back to work was just as expected…ok to get back to normal but boring as usual.
The weekend went by with doing bits and pieces around the house. E was of great help with several things, and I must say that getting rid of the Christmas tree was much easier as long as there were two of us in comparison to last year when I did it alone. We got snow on Saturday night, but the mild weather makes it melt. Annoying!

Talked with J for a while yesterday morning, great as always, and thankfully I didn’t struggle as much with my English as I did the last time 😉

Went to C for about an hour yesterday evening, it’s amazing to see how big A has gotten since the last time I saw her, which is about a month ago.

Was at a job interview today, which went fine. But I guess I’ll say no if they offer me the job, since the salary is lower than what I’ve got today and it’ll take years until I get up to my current level.