On Thursday, E and I went to check out a sofa that the owners were giving away for free, we just had to pick it up. It was more than ok for E’s needs, so we agreed to pick it up on Friday. Talked to mum and A, and they would help us with a car with a tow bar, and we could borrow E’s brother in law’s trailer.
Met up with mum and A on Friday after work and got the trailer. It became one of the most hilarious drives I’ve ever been a part of, since the trailer was jumping at all times and the car was jumping as well. We were all afraid that the trailer would jump off the tow bar, since all security equipment was broken, but it went well thankfully. Got the sofa and drove to E’s apartment, where the land lord would meet us, since E won’t get the keys until next Friday. We were early (as usual when my mum and I are involved), so we unloaded the sofa and E would wait there while mum, A and I returned the trailer and I got my car. It was quite a struggle to get the sofa up and into the apartment, but we made it. Drove home and went to bed early.
E woke up at 6:10 am on Saturday, something he is extremey embarrassed about 😉 Went to Sarpsborg to pick up 7 pairs of shoes that my mum handed in to the shoemaker for me a few weeks back. Went to Nordby and then home, and had a relaxing afternoon and evening, watching Band of Brothers on dvd and a couple of shows later on.
I woke up early today (6:40 am), and we’ve done a few things around the house besides eating a wonderful dinner and also continued watching Band of Brothers.