The last couple of weeks have passed by without much going on. Work is as usual, and the evenings are spent watching telly or talking. E has the kids for the first time this weekend, and they’ve had a great time it seems. I know he’s missed them, so it’s great that they’ve got a plan for when he’s gonna have them for the next few weeks.
It’s been strange being alone this weekend, I can’t remember how I got through the weekends earlier. But I did 3 machines of laundry yesterday and have a few things that needs to be done today before I drive to the city to pick up E and then visit my mum, since it’s Mothers Day today.

It’s getting closer to Easter now, and I’m really looking forward to a few days off work. We don’t know if E is going to have the kids during Easter yet, so we haven’t made any plans, except that I want to take a trip to Nordens Ark as usual. And T and M are coming to visit me on March 25, can’t wait to see them! I hope to visit Australia some day, but that can take some time.

I can’t remember the last time I felt so good about life as I do now. I really enjoy every single day, and I’m looking forward to each and every day. I’m feeling loved and wanted, and it’s all because of E. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, I think that one of the reasons that I feel so sure about this, is that we were friends before we got together, and that we’ve managed to stay friends. I’ve never experienced that before, and I love that feeling of having my boyfriend as one of my best friends.
The only thing that makes the start of this relationship more difficult than it should be, is the situation itself. E and A have a lot of things to sort out, and they hardly ever agree on anything. There are days when I want to throw E’s mobile phone away, there are days that I just don’t want to face the world, and there are days that I just want to sit in a corner and cry. But I know it’s worth it to get through this. And I do feel sorry for A, she’s in a position she never thought she’d be, and even though I don’t agree with most of the things she’s doing to cope, it’s still just that she’s trying to do: cope. But I hope that she’ll find a new way of life soon, and that she’ll be as happy as I am.

I’ve forgotten to mention that the story about H was in the weekly magazine Hjemmet a couple of weeks back. I’ve been around her for the most of the time since the stroke, but it was still extremely touching to read the story. Haven’t seen her in ages, mental note to self that I should visit her soon.

Well, that’s it for this time. Feel free to leave a comment as usual! 🙂
And to all the mothers out there: Happy Mothers Day!