Last week went by with the usual stuff. The only thing out of the ordinary, is that E became sick on Tuesday and stayed home the rest of the week. He stayed home today as well, and he’s planning on going to the doctor tomorrow. I gave him a foot bath on Wednesday, something he never had experienced before, and I think he was pleased. And somebody besides me should tell him that he needs to relax when he’s sick, because he can’t stop doing things all the time, and he doesn’t realize that not relaxing only makes him worse.

E had the kids from Friday to Saturday, so I stayed at home and got a few things done. Went to see H on Saturday afternoon, haven’t seen her since Christmas. Everything was fine, she’s waiting for some equipment in order to start working again. Her daughter E started walking February 3, and she’s really good at it! It’s strange to see how big they get when they start walking, it’s like they are babies one day and big kids the next day.
Picked up E when I left H, and we visited E’s sister T, since I was going to help her with the layout on the menues for her fast food restaurant.
Drove home on extremely slippery roads and went to bed early.

Sunday was spent watching Band of Brothers on dvd and otherwise relaxing and doing a few things.

E’s having the kids every evening this week, so I’m home alone, and since E’s sick, I don’t get to see him until Saturday. They (who’s they?) say that it’s healthy to miss someone, but I can’t see how feeling misrable can be healthy…

My car got overheated on my way home from work today, so I’ve filled more cooling water/cooling liquid and hope that helps. If it doesn’t, I don’t know what to do, since I still haven’t found a way to pay for the brake pipes that needs fixing. I wish I could afford to have a new car all the time, so that I didn’t need to worry about all of these things!