Just wanted to tell you all that C’s daughter was born Sunday April 20. Her water broke early that morning and they drove to the hospital where everything went well. We visited them at the hospital on Tuesday, and S and I saw them yesterday.

Besides that I haven’t got much to say really. This is the seventh weekend in a row that E has the children either the whole weekend or part of the weekend, so I’m getting used to being on my own again. Can’t say I enjoy it, but that’s just something I have to live with as long as I’ve chosen a boyfriend with children. And I wouldn’t want him if he neglected the children either.

I’m struggeling as hell (excuse my french) with money, or lack of money these days. Payed the last of the car reparation bill on Friday, and together with insuranse and morgage and lots and lots more, not much is left for fuel and food. I just hope I’ll be able to make the money last until May 25, when the next salary comes.

That’s it for this time, don’t want to make you all as depressed as I am 😉