For a long time, I’ve had The Da Vinci Code book and dvd, and I haven’t had any interest in reading or watching it. I’ve heard so many people say that it’s hard to read and that you should know a bit about the background story, which I really don’t. But last weekend, E and I decided to watch the dvd so I could start reading the book afterwards, since it’s the only book left in the house that I haven’t read. I wasn’t positive when we sat down in front of the telly, but it was a million times better than I thought! Started reading the book the day after and finished it today, and it’s just as good as the movie, or even better! Makes me want to read more about the background story, and I don’t even like reading about history! But I recommend the book and the movie to everybody!

I’ve told you about Norway’s Got Talent in an earlier entry, about the 12 year old girl Nora and how wonderful she sings. The final in Got Talent was this Friday, and she came in third place with this song, Anthem from Chess. A boy called Erlend won with this song, Lost. But I also want you to hear the first song he sang in the competition, which is O Holy Night. Incredible! So as a reply to what K said in a comment on one of my earlier entries: ok, he sings like an angel, but I still would have wanted Nora to win 😉
Another contestant in Got Talent was Anders. He didn’t get to the Final, but his first audition with his own song One More Day was incredible, and I’ll buy his album if he ever releases one.

The last video I want to share with you, is this beautiful little thing that my darling boyfriend sent to me yesterday. It’s called The Snuggle Song, you’ve probably heard it before. I just love it, thank you my loved one!