I’ve got no excuse for not writing for such a long time…except that I don’t know what to write about. Nothing worth writing about is happening, life goes on it’s usual way. We celebrated May 17th in a terrible weather, we go to work as always and we get things done around the house. E is hoping to harvest both potatoes and strawberries later this year, and we’ve plantet Virginia creeper.
I’m alone this weekend, E’s got the kids. Just 5 weeks left, and we’ll be living together! Got lots of redecorating to do before August 1th, hope we get it all done in time.
E came over yesterday, I’d asked her to help me to find the right colors for the childrens rooms. Hopefully they’ll work out on the wall, not just inside my head 😉
H came yesterday as well. This time she wanted me to help her getting highlights in her hair. I’ve never done that before, and I won’t say that she actually got highlights, but parts of her hair changed color and she can face other people with how her hair looks like now, so it wasn’t a total disaster 😉

The last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about what it really is like to live with a Border Collie. I’ve been living with one for about 10 1/2 years now, and I’m sure that other breeds has their ups and downs, but here’s some things that makes my dog the dog he is:
In lack of enough mental work, he’s found other things to use his hearding talents on, like mobile phones, lighters, pens and bottles.
When he was a puppy, I found it extremely amusing that he reacted when Lassie was on the telly, so I started asking him “Where is Lassie?”. I wish I knew then what this would result in, because I wouldn’t have asked him that question at all… He now is obsessed with the telly and watches it whenever it’s on. He especially likes every type of animal show, but also reacts to fast movements or sounds, and if I get loud over a football match or something like that, he actually jumps the telly. On top of this, he hates/loves (?) all types of guns, so I have to turn the volume down when there’s shooting.
I use songs as ring tones on my mobile phone. These songs are also on my playing list on my computer, and even though it can be months since I’ve changed the ring tone, he jumps up when he hears the old song from the computer, as if to say “You’ve got to answer the phone mum!”.
He is either happy or not. There’s nothing in between really, and there’s no doubt what mood he’s in at all times.
He won’t stop playing until you put the toy away, especially outside. This is a problem now that he’s getting older, because if I let him play as long as he wants, it results in aching muscles for him. So I have to disapoint him and cut off the playing way before he’s satisfied.

Well, that’s it for this time. If there’s something you out there want me to write about, please leave a comment. Because I haven’t got a clue to what to write about anymore…