As most of you may have noticed, my web site now has a gallery. Yippie! 😀 I’ve put out a few pictures already, and more will come from time to time, so feel free to visit. There are no possibility to comment on the pictures, but there will come a guest book on my web site at some point, so you can comment there.

Spent Saturday and Sunday with E. He has the kids a lot nowadays, so we don’t get much time together.
We started Saturday with shopping paint since we’re going to redecorate the two rooms that E’s children will have when he moves here. Then we got a few small things done in town, before we headed to his place to relax. His ex-girlfriend A wanted to have a chat with me before I start meeting the children, so she came around just before 6 pm. We all had a good talk actually, and both A and E thought that more useful things came out of our talk than during all the meetings they have had at the family office during the last six months.
Then E and I went to the Food and Boat-festival that is held in Halden the last weekend of June every year. The food we tasted wasn’t as good as previous years, but it was ok. And the weather was nice, so we took a walk and had a look at lots of fancy boats before we headed home.
Sunday was spent painting for 13(!) hours. Finished the undercoat in the bedroom downstairs and the first coat on almost all of the bedroom upstairs. Went to bed totally exhausted and got up early today since E had to be in his apartment by 10 am. We’ve got holidays this week, and he’s having his kids for three weeks straight. I went over the border to a Swedish town called Strömstad where a colleague of me lives. She’s on a long term sick leave and are not allowed to drive, so I wanted to spend some time with her. Had a wonderful time with K and her son O, even though O wasn’t in his best mood today 🙂 But I will absolutely take the trip to her soon again, she’s a wonderful girl!
I continued painting when I got home, and I think I’m finished with the ceiling in both rooms, I just have to check when the painting is dry.

Tomorrow will be spent with a trip to the bank and then I’ll meet E’s children. I must say I’m a bit nervous, but I hope that the informal setting of being at my cottage will make it easier for us to start to get to know eachother.

I’ll be doing more painting on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. E and I are invited to a birthday party on Saturday, but I don’t know yet if we’ll be going. Depends on E getting a “baby sitter” and how far the painting has come.
On Sunday my friend S V and his wife B are stopping by for a few hours on their way to Sweden on holidays. The haven’t seen my house yet, so that’ll be exiting.