I wrote, I haven’t done much else than painting. The hour count shows that I’ve used about 60 hours in total over the last three weeks. Luckily I’ve got about an hour or two left, and then both rooms are finished! Pictures will be published on my gallery, so check in 🙂

The meeting at the bank ended up in our favour, so we’re now looking for a new car! My car has only got two seats, so we need a bigger one. Let me know if you’ve got suggestions on what to buy 🙂

The last time I wrote, I was about to meet E’s children. I ended up meeting just D, and we had a great few hours on my cottage bathing and BBQ-ing. I’ve met him a couple of times after that, and things are going very well. I just wish we’d have more time to get to know eachother before E moves here. That’s in fact happening tomorrow! He’s got his apartement until August 1, but his children are going away on holidays with their mother for two weeks now, so he might as well move in with me right away.

We didn’t go to the birthday party I mentioned, I had to continue painting. But S V, B and their children visited me for a few hours that Sunday, it was great seeing them again! Lots of talking, showing them around the house and a quick dinner before they headed on for their holidays in Sweden and Denmark.

A couple of girlfriends of mine and I have a BBQ each summer at my place, and this years event was yesterday. A third girlfriend came by when it was held last year, so this year she was with us from the start. Rain and a thunderstorm tried to put a stop to the BBQ-ing, but we just stayed under the roof. Too much food as usual, and lots of chatting until about 1 am. A wonderful evening as always.