It’s been over four weeks since Arkas left us, and my emotions have
been going in all directions. The first few days was extremely hard,
hearing him running over the floor, hearing him barking and “talking”.
I kept turning around to give him a treat while making dinner, I kept
wanting to take him outside when it was bed time, and I kept seeing him
beside my bed when I woke up in the morning, him happy for me being
awake. But life somehow pushes us forward, even if we don’t want to.

My birthday was Saturday October 4, and I had invited a bunch of
friends over. Four showed up, and we had a wonderful night with dinner,
cake and snacks. Thank you S. V., B., H., M. and E! You helped me get
my mind off things for the evening. Pictures can be found in my gallery.

My friend K. in Haugesund invited me and E. to her and her boyfriends
wedding October 11., so E. and I drove on the 9th. Arrived after 9 1/2
hours, and the evening was spent talking and cuddling the three dogs
Diesel, Embla and Kiba, and the three cats Virus, Chili and the
nameless kitten.
I wanted to show E. a bit of Haugesund, so on Friday, we drove downtown
and took a walk through Markedet and Haralds gate. We also met E’s
nephew T. for an hour. We then drove to Amanda, and then to the church
where the wedding was going to be the day after. We were supposed to
meet S. V. in the evening, but he got held up at work in Stavanger, so
we drove to the premises where the dinner party was to be after the
wedding and helped K. and T. with decorating and getting everything
ready. We then drove to their house where we stayed for the weekend for
a wonderful kebab pizza.
Saturday morning was spent trying to kill time before the wedding
together with the maid of honours boyfriend L. and T’s son K. Drove off
to church way to early, but that’s typically me 🙂 The ceremony was
amazing, and one of the shortes weddings I’ve attended. The bride and
groom went to the photographer, and all the dinner guests went to the
premises where we got a welcoming drink. As soon as the bride and groom
arrived, dinner was served, together with lots of wonderful and
thouching speaches and songs. We were about 30 guests, and before
coffee and cake, another 20 guests came. We had a wonderful evening,
and it was an honour to be a part of their big day. Pictures can be
found in my gallery.
Stopped by S. V. on Sunday morning before driving home. We had Monday
off work, since I know how tired I am after driving that far.

Tuesday we went to the vets and picked up Arkas’ ashes. Stopped by a
flower shop and bought four red roses. I had found a large stone in my
garden that I wanted on the grave, so that he’d have something from
where he lived for the last three years. E. dug the grave, and I put
one of the roses in the hole together with the ashes. After filling up
the hole and putting the stone on top, we put down the rest of the roses; one
from my mum, one from E. and one from me. It was hard…extremely hard.
On one hand, it felt like I was holding my boy for the last time, and
on the other hand, it didn’t feel like my boy at all. But the main
feeling I’m left with, is that he’s home again, he’s with me again.
I know I’ll miss him for the rest of my life, and I know that there
will come lots of times where I’m reminded of him, but I’m getting to a
point now where I can talk about him without crying, and I can even
smile when thinking about things that were typical for him.
I’d like to finish for this time by giving you a link to an entry my
boyfriend has written in memory of Arkas. It’s in Norwegian, so sorry
to those of you that don’t understand our language. Click here.