I haven’t been feeling well for a few weeks. Talked to the doctor a couple of weeks back, and we agreed that I’d stay at work, but do different things than usual. It ended up with me cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, both work spaces and other rooms. I didn’t feel that helped me much, and I started getting more and more dizzy, so I went back to the doctor Thursday a week ago, and I got an active sick leave, which means that I can work as much as I want to and stay home when I’m having a bad day. So I stayed home on Friday, worked a few hours on Monday, stayed home on Tuesday, worked a few hours yesterday, staying home today and are working a few hours tomorrow. This has worked out fine, but I’m back to working full time from next week if I don’t get worse.
It’s been really strange to be home alone these days, it’s amazing how fast you get used to not living by yourself 🙂 And I’m having trouble finding out how to keep myself busy while E’s at work.

Talked to J on Skype today. It’s been ages since the last time, so I suprised her by calling, and we had a lovely chat. Great hearing her voice again, I really need to call her more often.

I’m not looking forward to November 18, as that would have been Arkas’ 11th birthday. I keep thinking on how good he was at unwrapping his presents all alone, leaving a million tiny pieces of paper all around the house 🙂 A visit to his grave that day is required, wishing him happy birthday and telling him that I still love him.

That’s it for this time, I’ll write more when I’ve got more to tell you. And remember that my web site now has a guest book that desperately cries out for visitors! 😛