I didn’t feel any better when my sick leave was about to expire, so I called the doctor again and got another active sick leave. Have been to work on and off and I’m getting better, so I guess it’s back to full time again on Monday.

E and I went to Oslo on Saturday. There is a dog fair that is held yearly that I haven’t been to earlier, and since E hasn’t been to anything that has to do with dogs, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ease him into the dog world if we’re ever having a dog again. I must say I was a bit disappointed, it was smaller than I imagined and not that many breeds had their own presentation. But we got to see lots of different activities, like agility, rally obedience, rescue dogs, military dogs and freestyle. And I got to talk to representatives for a breed that I’ve considered (Eurasier), and what they told me made me decide that this is not the breed for me. I need to have a breed that don’t get tired of training after a few minutes, and this breed does exactly that. But it was fun talking to them and saying hello to the dogs.
There were lots of shops selling things there. Obviously they were selling dog stuff which I don’t need at the moment, but you could also buy clothes and shoes and furniture as well. We found jackets that we both loved but couldn’t afford, so E called his mother and asked her if she wanted to give us jackets for Christmas, which she thought was a great idea, so now we’ve got wonderful warm jackets at home. It’s actually two jackets in one. You can separate them and the innermost can have the sleeves removed and be used on both sides.
All in all it was worth the trip and the costs, but I want to take E to something else the next time, maybe a dog show or an agility contest.

Yesterday would have been Arkas’ 11th birtday. I worked a few hours and because we’ve got so little to do at work these days, E left work with me at about 10 am. We bought roses and went to Arkas’ grave. It was hard, and I kept feeling guilty for not being home on his 10th birthday last year. I still miss him so much.

E and I have talked about getting engaged, so we went to choose rings three weeks ago. I didn’t want to know which date, so I waited for him outside the shop. We picked up the rings on Friday, and I’ve spent every day waiting for something to happen.
Well…after we came home yesterday, we just relaxed and ended up putting on a movie. After a while (about 3:45 pm), my friend SV called. We talked for a few minutes, and he asked if E had proposed yes (I told SV a while ago that we had bought the rings), and I said no. Then he told me to tell E to get down on one knee. I just laughed and said “what”, and he repeated it. So I turned around to E and told him this, and he did it and held the ring up to me! All I could say was Yes! Yes! Yes!
These two boys had been planning this for a couple of weeks, and I hadn’t noticed anything. I’m not the romantic type that requires dinner with candles and all that stuff, so this was the most wonderful way E could have done it. I just love that man, and I’m so happy that I’m going to spend the rest of my life with him! We have to save money before we can afford to get married, so it’ll take a couple of years before that happens.
After this, E made a great steak dinner for us, and we relaxed the rest of the evening.

I had read that there was to be lots of shooting stars in the sky last night, so we went out to take a look just before we went to bed. It was so dark outside that we didn’t see where we placed our feet, but it was a clear sky with lots of stars. While we waited to see any movement in the sky, we suddenly heard a grunt in front of us, so we turned around and ran like crazy inside again. We tried to find out what kind of animal this was, but it had disappeared. Next time, we’ll check the yard before we go out! 🙂