Nothing much has happened the last few weeks.
Christmas dinner at my mums tasted amazing, and we stayed in the sofa for the rest of the evening, not able to move at all.

E has been home on sick leave since the last time I wrote, so I come home to dinner every day. He’s also done lots of cleaning around the house, so the Christmas decorating has been really easy this year. I just can’t believe how kind and helpful he is, and how in heavens name I deserve this man!

December 13th was spent celebrating E. L.’s second birthday. She’s such a big girl now, she’s learned to say thank you and a few other words, and it’s so easy to understand what she wants. Several times she came and pushed my arm, wanting me to play something with her or following her to her room.

Yesterday we were at the yearly Christmas concert. This time it was in Fredrikstad Domkirke (Fredrikstad cathedral), a lovely church with great acoustics. It was E’s first time at this concert, and I think he liked it enough to come with me next year as well. For the first time my mother could’t come with me, she was on the bus coming home from Denmark when the concert was. I really missed her being there, the concert has become our Christmas tradition.

S. V. and B. are coming over to the “correct” side of Norway on Monday to celebrate Christmas with B’s sister, but they’re stopping by here first from Monday to Tuesday. I have to work those two days, but E’s home. After that, I’m not going back to work until January 5th, can’t wait for a few days off!

Christmas eve will be spent here with E and my mum. Then we’re invited for lunch at E’s sisters on Christmas day and for Christmas dinner at H and M’s on the 27th. We’ll have D here from the 28th to the 1th.

As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Händel’s Messiah online from ABC Classic FM after a recommendation from J. Can’t say that I’ve heard it before, and classical music is not really my cup of tea, but absolutely worth listening to!

There’s one thing I ask for every Christmas, and I’ll end with this request this year as well: I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…!!!