It’s been a while since the last time I wrote. Startet work after the holidays on January 5th, but after only a week, my energy was completely gone, so I’m now on a sick leave until tomorrow. I’ll start working again on Monday, but I’ll only work as much as I can manage for a time. The plan is to get up from the sofa and out taking walks, but the weather hasn’t been on my side lately, with rain and snow. There is a saying in Norway that goes something like this: There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing, and that’s true, but I really don’t feel like going for walks when the rain or snow hits you in the face like pins and needles.
The weather is also the reason why E hasn’t been able to try out his new camera as much as he’s wanted, but he seems very pleased with it so far.

E and I got rid of Christmas two weeks ago. The livingroom seems much more empty now, but it’s good to get back to everyday life again.

I’ve now worked in the same firm for over 8 years, and have always been in our department here in Halden. But the team we’re on is moving to our departement in Fredrikstad, so from March, we suddenly have over an hour drive to work, which leaves us with just around three hours of free time every evening. We had the choice of staying in Halden, but we would then have to answer phone calls, and neither of us wanted that. The gas expenses will go sky high each month, but we’ll get some of it back through the tax return each year.

SV and B have broken up. I’m so sad on their behalf, but if they think it’s for the best, I’ll support their desicion.

Just after E and I got engaged, I started looking at gowns online and soon found what I can only describe as the gown of my dreams on Ebay, and for a price that was shockingly low. It was scary ordering it, but after E taking my measurements, I clicked the “buy now”-button Sunday January 4th. I was promised a delivery time of about 5-6 weeks, but I got it yesterday, after only 19 days! Amazing!
Unwrapped it right away, and it was just as wonderful as I had hoped. Drove to C yesterday afternoon to try it on, and it only needs minor adjustments to fit perfectly. So now I can start looking for the right shoes, the right underwear and the right veil. You might think that the wedding is just around the corner, but it’s actually over 2 years until the big day 🙂 I like to get things ready in good time 🙂
And C, H and I will certainly find the time to visit bridal stores and try other gowns, that’s a part of planning a wedding I don’t want to skip 🙂