I’m not good at writing these days. As the topic says, there’s not much fun going on, so I actually don’t know what to write.

I still work only 15 hours a week, and I have a new doctors appointment on Friday, so we’ll see what’ll happen after that. The last cold/flue ended and a new one came my way about a week ago. The fever finally ended today, but the energy I had started building up is gone, so I’m starting from scratch once again.
I work 5 hours 3 times a week, just to save some gas money. We started working in Fredrikstad on March 2, so that’s 130 km each day, takes about one hour to drive each way. I think it would be better for me to work fewer hours a day, but with that long a drive, I just have to think about saving money.

SV borrowed my cottage this weekend. Three teenagers he knows was attending a paintball championship in Halden, so he drove them here, they arrived late Friday night and left today. He came to visit us for a few hours yesterday morning, really good to see him again.

H is in Hamar these days, training her bad arm. Haven’t spoken to her, but I know that she misses E a lot, it’s the first time she’s been away from her several nights in a row.

My back has been killing me lately, I really hope it’s not a third herniated disc… It’s been on and off for the last 5 weeks, so I’ve been careful, but sometimes you just have to do something that ends up in pain… Like yesterday…a really nice spring day, and I went outside to remove a little bit of old twigs and grass. Was outside only about 30 minutes and was really aware on how I moved, but it didn’t help. And today I peeled potatoes for dinner, which really killed me. Standing for 20 minutes over the sink is not what my back calls a good time. And to top it off, is the pain running down both my legs from the disc pressing on a nerve or ten…

Well well…I’ll leave it with this, and I’ll try to be happy about the fact that I don’t have to crawl on the floor to get around, something I had to do the last time, 4 1/2 years ago…