We decided not to go to my cottage after all. Picked up D on Saturday after shopping. One of the things we bought, was a skateboard for him. But after using it for about an hour, it broke. So on Sunday it was back to the store to exchange it. Mum and A are staying at my cottage, so we stopped by them on our way home. Took about an hour again, and then the new skateboard broke on exactly the same place as the first one…
D was quite overwhelmed by all the easter egg candy and chocolate, he didn’t know where to start 🙂 He went home on Tuesday evening.
E and I went shopping again yesterday, and got a new, more expensive skateboard this time. Hopefully that’ll last a bit longer.

E and I have spent the first part of Easter cleaning both inside and outside. We’ve pruned the apple trees and some bushes and picked up twigs. E washed the car on Monday (picture in the gallery). We’ve cleaned the entire kitchen and the entire bathroom and done lots of laundry. We’ve got a few more things on our todo list, but we’re determined to have vacation as well. That’s why we’re going to Nordens Ark, probably on Saturday. Haven’t been there since August, so really looking forward to that.

I’ve promised Fotoboksen to check out the small swampy area just north of our house, so that’s something I’ll try to get done during Easter. I saw a swan couple there yesterday, but I don’t know if there are other birds there at all.